Shoal (2018)

Dry and quirky, Shoal, is an assemblage of six performers moving mostly as one unit similar to a school or shoal of fish. Incorporating mundane and subtle gesture with moments of manic neuroticism, this group is capable of complex and unspoken decision making processes. These individuals create a larger wave of bodies exploring and imbued with ideas of group behavior and dynamics, collective decision making processes, and anonymous leadership.

"Their movement vocabulary contained a kind of obscure logical progression, as if each new task had been dictated as a reaction to the previous action. Tension mounted as the dancers edged downstage to the border of the stage, nearly on the toes of the front row audience. Shoal climaxed in a delicious frenzy of discomfort when the dancers’ quirky sounds and fragments of text increased in volume into shrieks."

-Philipa Mylar, Seattle Dances

Shoal was partially supported by Converge Dance Festival and Dance Fremont.