GUST (2018)

Using imagery from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier ceremonies as a point of exploration, GUST, embodies a militaristic quality. The trio of dancers are anonymous leaders and resolute forces swarming, dodging, and reconciling.

"Gust shows Goldman’s attention to precision immediately as the three dancers, clad in earth tones, walk on stage perfectly synced, raise one knee and look down. Each angle and point of focus is accounted for, creating an almost militaristic severity even as they join their arms together into a position reminiscent of a classical statue—each forearm clicking into place to construct a curve.

...Later, that precision is released in favor of skittering through the space, the dancers caught in eddies that swirl them around and spit them out in another direction, compelled by some unseen force."

                                -Kaitlin McCarthy, CityArts Magazine

GUST was made possible through Velocity Dance Center's Bridge Project Creative Residency Program.