Faces of Eurydice (2015)

CUBE Ensemble presents Faces of Eurydice, a new dance - opera - theater retelling of the myth of Orpheus. With choreographic direction by Hope Goldman and music and lyrics by Hope Littwin, the often overlooked perspective of Eurydice, Orpheus’s legendary lover, comes alive.

"She and director-choreographer Hope Goldman hit pay dirt in this Cube Ensemble production when they concoct images both precise and evocative."

Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

Choreographic Director: Hope Goldman
Composer: Hope Littwin
Stage Director: Janet Howe

Lighting Design: Ellie Humphrys
Performers: Beth Berta, Jeremy Cairns, Allison Cook, Kroydell Galima, Lia Kohl, Hope Littwin, and Vienna Willems